Secure, automated DevOps platforms that result in more Dev and less Ops

DevOps Fails When There is Too Much Ops

DevOps is objective is to provide development independence via self-service and automation to  yield rapid, high-frequency innovation.

But most development teams spend their time on operations activities like deploying and configuring infrastructure, instrumenting monitoring tools, and implementing security. As environments become more complex, especially in dynamic clouds, even more time will be spent operating.

Such focus on operations-oriented tasks results in significantly less time for development activities which results in slow, infrequent release cycles that deliver new, innovative digital products and services.

Self-Service DevOps Built with Automation and Security

Providing development teams with self-service environments that automate the deployment and configuration of all required environmental components including infrastructure, storage, monitoring, security, and compliance removes the majority of operations tasks.

Automation also delivers predictable environments that meet all necessary security and compliance requirements by default, and through continuous compliance enforcement can ensure environments remain secure through their lifespan.

DevOps teams are now free to support development teams through automated testing, pipeline management, and continuous feedback loops.

DevOps Assessment & Strategy
Assessment & Design

DevOps assessment to identify current and desired states, and design self-service environments with automated deployment and configuration of all necessary components

DevOps Shift-Left Security
Shift-Left Security

Integrate security into early stages of development cycles, starting with DevOps environments and flowing through into pipelines that can detect security issues

DevOps Platform
Platform Management

Continuously monitoring, securing, and managing DevOps platforms, and self-service environments to ensure development teams focus on code, not operations

DevOps Pipeline Management
Pipeline Management

Support, monitoring and management of robust DevOps pipelines that automate development activities across all stages from code integration to production release