Full-stack cost optimisation with 4x the impact of cloud compute cost analysis

Don't settle for micro savings

The cloud promises cost efficient on-demand consumption of infrastructure, but many organizations are actually seeing their spend increase, not decrease.

There are many vanilla infrastructure cost optimisation services that preach right sizing of infrastructure, terminating unused resources, and investing in reserve instances. It's all good advice, but misses 75% of cloud ownership costs that must also be optimized to ensure the promise of cost effective cloud consumption is achieved.

Maximise cloud savings across the full technology stack

Optimizing cloud infrastructure spend is important, but infrastructure doesn't operate in isolation. 

A full-stack approach to cloud cost optimization that embraces infrastructure, applications, and tooling while automating manual processes and activities not only maximizes your budget but increase your speed, agility and security.

Infrastructure Optimisation
Infrastructure optimisation

Optimise infrastructure through VM and instance right sizing, identifying orphaned compute, analysing resource consumption to create infrastructure forecast, and investing in reserve instance pricing.

Application Optimisation
Application optimization

Optimising applications by targeting code inefficiency, scaling conditions, application design and refactoring, cloud native architectures, and data egress further optimises infrastructure costs.

Tooling optimization
Tooling optimization

Optimise tooling across the technology stack by  consolidating infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, and security and log monitoring to reduce licenses, maintenance, hardware costs.

Cloud automation

Automating repetitive manual activities such as deployment, configuration, patching, updates, security data aggregation, compliance enforcement, and remediation workflows reduces costs and increases agility