Cloud Environments That Are Secure By Default

Security shouldn't stifle innovation

DevOps and cloud have fundamentally changed the security risk and threat landscape, rendering traditional security approaches obsolete.

Manually adding point security tools, products and services to cloud platforms is slow and ineffective against today's threats, and cripples speed, agility and innovation. Further, human deployments incur a significant degree of error and misconfiguration that weakens security controls and preventative measures, providing new attack surfaces ripe for exploitation.

Operating in this new cloud world requires security teams to adopt different thinking and a different approach in order to operate at the same velocity as development and cloud operations teams.

Modern security at the speed of business

To deliver secure and compliant environments at the speed development, operations, and business teams demand, cloud platforms must be secure by default, not secured as an after-thought.

A secure by default cloud environment is achieved when security is designed and automated for day 1 operations, and continuously automated across technologies and layes to maintain security and compliance for day 2 operations and beyond.

Only by integrating automation and security, and thus removing human error and misconfiguration, within the platform can security maintain pace with with development, operations and business teams without compromising security strength and depth,

Cloud Security Assessment
Assessment & Design

Security risk assessment to identify and implement key security controls, policies, and technologies across cloud and on-premise environments

Cloud Threat Prevention
Multi-layer Threat Prevention

Comprehensive security tech-stack coupled with stringent environmental controls and settings to maintains minimal attack surfaces and mitigate risk

Cloud Compliance
Continuous Compliance

Automated, real-time compliance status with  continuous enforcement of desired security states to avoid compliance drift and ensure environments remain secure

Managed Detection & Response
Detection and Response

Intelligent detection provides contextual threat alerts to power response tactics that nuetralise threats and remediate security postures to protect against new and emerging risks

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

Intelligently protect your organization by collecting, analyzing and correlating data within a scalable, fast Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform to detect threats, manage compliance and respond to incidents.

Uptic's SIEM service easily onboards diverse data sources to eliminate blind spots and detect complex threats with prebuilt anomaly detection jobs and detection rules that accelerate response and remediation through a powerful investigation UI and built-in case management. All from a single pane of glass.

Extend the reach, speed and expertise of your internal security operations with a premier team of experts who monitor and defend your environments 24/7.