Cloud Native &
IT Automation

Fusing the art of modern development practices with the science of hybrid cloud IT operations to deliver effective IT automation

We’re Developers

Delivering everything-as-code powers agility, speed, quality, and predictable deployments. Continuous innovation is our baseline

We’re Engineers

On-premises infrastructure and hybrid-cloud platform experts in compute, security, storage, and applications

We Automate

We automate infrastructure and applications environments to be faster, smarter, secure, predictable and lower cost

IT Has an Effectiveness Problem

A radically different approach that delivers faster cloud adoption, strong security, and effective devops through emerging technologies



Developer time spent writing or optimizing code



of IT Operations ripe for automation are still manual



of all security breaches could have been avoided with basic security hygiene

IT Leadership


of IT budgets are consumed by technical debt

IT and leadership teams need solutions that optimize productivity, lower costs, and reduce business risks, especially in the cloud.

I love manual, repetitive, tedious tasks said no IT Professional ever

The Uptic Automation
Control Panel

Our innovative approach is powered by advanced automation blueprints built from an extensive catalogue of artifacts. This brings together Cloud, Dev, Ops and Security teams to enable flexible cloud and on-premises infrastructure, agile DevOps, and strong security at the core of our solutions and services.

Broad Platform Integration

  • AWS, Azure,  GCP, VMware, Microsoft 365 and more
  • ITSM & ITOM tools including ServiceNow, Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • API and message based architecture

Delivered as a Service

  • Fast deployment and rapid time to value
  • Proactive 24x7 coverage
  • World-class engineering expertise and fanatical support teams

Flexibility as Standard

  • Configured and tailored to your environments, technologies and processes
  • Self-service approach gives you complete control
  • Deliver automated workflows across any environment

Automation by Role

I know all environments are secure and compliant


Security & Compliance Enforcement

Ensure your platform and workloads are deployed securely and remain secure

Automate UserLifecycle Management

Secure, zero-trust workflows across users, devices, services, and resources

Automated Detection & Remediation

Detect deviations from desired states and automatically remediate

I spend more time coding and releasing



Less operations overhead results in faster, higher quality, high frequency releases

CI/CD Pipelines

Automate across pipeline stages including dev, test, and release

Developer Self-Service

Developer independence to provision secure and compliant dev environments on-demand

I deploy securely and confidently in seconds


Flexible, Predictable 

Eliminate human error and misconfiguration risk, with predictable deployments

Integrate  I.T. Workflows

Drive efficiency, speed, and agility by automating IT operations workflows

Infrastructure Management

Simplify and automate infrastructure management, patching, and updating

I can adopt new technologies with no learning curve


Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Accelerate adoption of new cloud platforms, technologies, and services

Architect Cloud-Native

Design for security and automation to deliver speed, scale, and agility

Modernize Processes

Automate legacy processes to take advantage of new technologies

I optimise my budget and IT resources

IT Leaders

Budget & Resource Optimization

Drive greater efficiencies and deliver more with less across all IT teams

Retain Talent

Extinguish tedious, manual tasks and create a culture of innovation


Secure, compliant, and auditable across all automations for peace of mind

We Help You Innovate


Uptic deliver transformative solutions and services that embrace your current environments, tools and processes, instill innovation throughout our delivery experience to power you to your desired operating state of speed, quality, agility, and cost optimization

Creative Automation

Professional Services that transform how you  build, run, and operate

24x7 Monitoring

State of the art Infrastructure, security and application monitoring with alerting, escalation, and reporting

Pop-Up Support

On-demand IT support services how you need them, when you need them

Transformative Management

We don’t just manage your environment; we transform it to a desired modern state as part of the service

Let's get creative

We get it, you’re exploring options. So, let’s take this one step at a
time. We’ll listen to your challenges and share how we can address them. And if we like each other, we can agree next steps to progress.

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