Services engineered for the cloud

At Uptic we adopt a radically different and completely modern approach to public and private cloud, hybrid infrastructure, and DevOps that embodies security and automation at the core of everything we do. And by embracing Open Source, pragmatically interwoven with commercial products, we ensure enterprise-class technology is accessible for all in the cloud.

open source cloud

Open Source Plus+

A proven, market leading open-source software stack that brings enterprise class technologies and services to cloud customers of all sizes

cloud automation

Advanced Automation

Ubiquitous automation that avoids human error  and accelerates service deployments that result in secure and predictable platforms and outcomes

cloud security

Secure by default

Cloud environments that are designed with security at the core, complemented by security and automation services that ensures they remain secure and compliant


Our mission is to provide services and expertise that deliver on the promise cloud, helping organizations navigate complexity to build solid foundations for future growth. We designed Uptic services to accelerate cloud adoption and reduce technical complexity while optimizing cloud service, software, and service costs

Cloud services

Public and private cloud services to design, build, and manage scalable cloud platforms, accelerate cloud adoption, and optimize existing cloud environments

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Cloud Security

Robust security solutions and services that protect your investments through comprehensive prevention, intelligent detection, and precision response

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DevOps Automation
DevOps Automation

Self-service development environments that deploy with the required desired security, compliance and monitoring state, enabling development to focus on code, not operations 

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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid infrastructure services that bridge public and private cloud with traditional on-premise infrastructure to modernize operations, increase agility and reduce costs

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Cloud compliance

Automated, real-time compliance status with  continuous enforcement of desired security states to avoid compliance drift and ensure environments remain secure

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Cloud cost optimisation
Cost Optimisation

Full-stack cost optimisation across cloud infrastructure, applications, tooling, and processes resulting in highly efficient environments that deliver more for less

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Professional Cloud Services
Professional Services

Consultancy, strategy, architecture, design, integration, automation

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Managed Cloud Services
Managed Services

24/7 support, monitoring management, reporting, optimization

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Flexible | Modular | Extensive


Highly experienced engineering squads seamlessly interweave public and private clouds, on-premise infrastructure, and DevOps with security and automation to deliver enterprise-class services that enable innovation at speed and scale without operations overhead

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